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We offer our condolences on the loss of your beloved companion. Please reach out to us with questions or to book our services at 409-766-0123.

pawprints in the sand

The bond between you and your pet, or other animal in your care, is a powerful one that transcends words. When they leave their earthly body, you may wish to honor them in a very special way with a pet burial at sea.

We know that all pets are unique and worthy of a proper tribute. If you choose pet cremation after their passing, you can celebrate that precious life by scattering your pet’s ashes amid the natural beauty of the sea. Galveston Sea Services will help you pay tribute to your beloved pet by making your experience peaceful, easy, and dignified.

You and your pet may have enjoyed time at the beach, and a pet burial at sea would honor them and the happy memories you made together. Even if your pet preferred to see the world from the comfort of your windowsill, a pet burial at sea is a celebration of your bond, surrounded by the vast wonders of nature.

Galveston Sea Services takes your special friendship with your pet very seriously, and will work with you to make sure scattering your pet’s ashes is a profound and healing experience. We also believe that the cost of your pet’s burial at sea should not be prohibitive, and have set our prices to keep this important tribute within reach – and without sacrificing the dignity of your experience. Additionally, we can mail a certificate, if requested, with your beloved pet’s name and the coordinates at which their ashes were dispersed.

Pet Funeral/Celebration of Life Services at Sea

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