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small boats in the ocean at sunset

Our Buddhist neighbors in Texas make up a significant part of our local population, and we appreciate your contribution to our rich cultural tapestry.

That is why we want to help you honor your loved one upon their passing, in a way that respects Buddhist funeral traditions and ensures a peaceful experience for all.

Galveston Sea Services offers our condolences on the loss of someone who meant so very much to you. Please reach out to us with questions or to book our services at 409-766-0123

While ashes may sometimes be buried after a practitioner of Buddhism is cremated and passes into the next existence, many Buddhists may prefer to have their ashes scattered at sea; this is especially common among Tibetan Buddhists. In fact, some Buddhists believe that if the ashes are blessed before they are immersed or scattered, this will purify the karma of the sea life for their future rebirths.

An ash dispersal in the vast, peaceful waters of Galveston Bay can help those in attendance to connect with the comfort provided by nature. Galveston Sea Services will treat you, and all who are attending, with respect and compassion.

As Buddhist funeral rites and practices may vary depending upon the family’s wishes, we will work with you to make sure your services are personalized and dignified. We understand that this is a time of deep emotions; we will do all that we can to lighten your burden, so that you can be fully present and free from unneeded worries during the memorial.

We also believe that the cost of scattering your loved one’s ashes at sea should not add stress to this important time, so we have set our prices with you in mind. Additionally, we will also mail a certificate, if requested, with your loved one’s name and the coordinates at which their ashes were dispersed.

Buddhist Funeral Rituals and Services at Sea

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