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Galveston Sea Services

Burial at Sea Services for cremated remains, scattering of ashes, and ash immersion. 


Fishing boat sailing to sunset

Prices are set with our customers in mind. Paying tribute to your loved ones should not mean you should also pay more.

Charters for Burial at Sea start at $350 for 2 hours, up to 6 people per boat. This is the USCG legal limit of all private charters. 

21' Mako Boats rate = $350

23' Edgewater Boat rate = $400

26' Angler Boat rate = $450

30' Grady White Boat rate = $500


Trips will include a boat tour of Galveston East Bay and Jetty areas. You may choose to book your service during the day time hours or later in the afternoon and combine the service with Sunset cruise. 

Our Burial at Sea services include all required forms filled and filed with the proper authorities, including the EPA. 

Certificates of dispersal that include your loved one's name and the coordinates of placement are available upon request, and will be mailed to your address after the service. 

Please note that Galveston Sea Services does not provide persists, religious practitioners or ceremonies. Please contact your local officiant for assistance.

Please call for more information or options with our services.


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