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Our diverse population in Texas includes many who practice Hinduism. We welcome and respect the traditions and customs of our Hindu neighbors, including sacred death and cremation rituals and services.

When your loved one’s soul passes into their next journey, we would like to help you honor them and allow them a peaceful repose with a burial at sea according to the principles of Asthi Visarjan.

Sunset with clouds over the ocean

Historically, the Asthi Visarjan – the immersion or scattering of ashes following cremation – is performed in the sacred Ganges or any of India’s holy lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water. However, many who practice Hinduism in Texas may not have the ability to travel overseas for this important funeral ritual.
Hindu scriptures dictate that any flowing body of water is sacred, and therefore can be appropriate for Asthi Visarjan. This allows you to provide your loved one with a proper ash immersion as prescribed in Hindu tradition, without the stress and expense of travel.

Galveston Sea Services will treat your Asthi Visarjan with the dignity and care that your loved one so richly deserves. We are trained to assist with sacred Hindu death and cremation rituals, and will make sure your ash immersion or scattering is conducted with respect, to bring peace to you and to the soul of your loved one. We also believe that the cost of scattering your loved one’s ashes at sea should not be out of reach, so we have set our prices with you in mind.

Hindu Funeral Rituals and Services at Sea

Galveston Sea Services offers our condolences on the loss of someone who so was so deeply important to you. Please reach out to us with questions or to book our services at


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